The Rugby Strength Coach Speed Training Template

Speed kills. Speed is the most important physical ability in running faster, breaking tackles, evading defenders and running supporting lines. Now you can take your speed to the next level with the Rugby Strength Coach Speed Training Template. 

This pre-season/extended rehab speed training template contains 12 weeks (4 more than our regular templates!) of carefully designed acceleration and top speed sprinting sessions that will dramatically enhance your speed on the pitch. 

This programme is a 2 day per week template that combines technical drills to build rhythm, coordination and timing, along with true acceleration and maximal velocity sprint work to add sprinting horsepower to your engine. All sessions contain detailed instructions for every aspect of the programme: exercises (including video demonstrations), sets, reps, rest periods and weekly progressions.

The Rugby Strength Coach Speed Template is delivered direct to your inbox in PDF format, which means you can take it with you to the track or field on your phone or tablet. Available now for immediate download for just £7.99.

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This speed template contains:

  • Technical exercises

    Learn and master the key positions of acceleration and sprint running.

  • Weekly progressions

    Exact recommendations for exercises, sets, reps and rest periods week to week.

  • Video demonstrations

    Slow motion video demonstrations of all exercises featured in the programme.

12 weeks of professionally designed speed training for just £7.99

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