The Rugby Strength Coach Power Training Template

Exclusively available to owners of "10 Commandments: Power Training for Rugby", the Rugby Strength Coach Power template is now available for download. This is a completely done for you power training template that will help you to jump higher, run faster, tackle harder and bust through contact.

This pre-season/extended rehab power training template contains 8 weeks of carefully periodised power sessions designed to maximise the explosive power. These sessions will give a huge boost to any traditional strength and hypertrophy focussed programme.

This programme is a 3 days per week template that combines medicine ball, plyometric, and jump training methods, in addition to traditional ballistic power exercises. All sessions contain detailed instructions for every aspect of the programme: exercises (including video demonstrations), sets, reps, rest periods and weekly progressions.

The Rugby Strength Coach Power Template is delivered direct to your inbox in PDF format, which means you can take it with you to the gym or pitch on your phone or tablet. Available now for immediate download for just £7.99.

Get your power training template right now:

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This power template contains:

  • Proven methods

    Combines a variety of highly effective training methods including medicine ball throws, jumps, plyometrics and ballistic power exercises.

  • Detailed progressions

    No guess work involved. This programme tells you exactly what to do and when. All you need to do is follow the instructions.

  • Scientific flow

    All training elements logically progressed from day to day, week to week and phase to phase for maximum results.

8 weeks of professionally designed power training for just £7.99

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